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Featured Article: Learn and Discover The Stages of Child Development

Personal development is very important to every person. It encompasses a multitude of aspects and elements in a persons life, but the development that happened in their childhood provides a large contribution to what they are when they grow up in society. Childhood development should be understood as this is the foundation of future developments; parents should understand the different stages of child development so that they would know what they should do at each stage.

One is the natural human development. Natural human development is a development that involves the hormonal growth of a person. This happens when the literal expansion of a person's physiological aspect takes place. In natural human development, the growth is always associated with the age of the person. Natural human development always begins with the conception of the mother until death, when a person stops developing.

The second development of a person is sociological development. This is when someone grows in how he deals with his own life. This also involves his spiritual, ethical, and other growth concerning his social life.

As said, natural human development might have had a hinder to attain the full growth of a person. The very hindrance of a person's natural development is the disease concerning the growth in the brain.

Retardation as caused by cerebral palsy is one enemy of the development of a human being. It is known that the brain is the one that makes every muscle, tissues and cells in the body respond to their natural obligations. With the brain incapable of processing the commands to be sent to the different parts of the body, the growth is more likely to be unsatisfactory or impossible. While these kinds of hindrances or diseases will never be reversible, it can be prevented and sometimes given alternatives. Alternatives are the things done by a medical practitioner to lower the effects of a certain disease. Diseases such as cerebral palsy can be prevented during the early stages of the child development.

This is why a person must have full knowledge of the stages of child development. Knowing the stages of child development will help a person be aware of how much care must he give to the mother and to the child itself so that both may live a normal life.

Here are the general divisions of the stages of child development:

  Conception  during this stage a baby may not be making the most of the development because it is the mother still making a big part on this aspect. However, it may already be a part of the stages of the child's development because in one way or another, the baby in the womb actually undergoes a process and naturally develops.

  Newborn baby to one year old  this is the stage that most individuals regard as the first stage on the child's development. This is when a child will begin surviving for his own. During this stage a child may have his own ability to respond to his surrounding. When a child during this stage cries, it means that she wants something like food or sleep. Emotions are not yet clearly shown in this stage of child development. In the physical aspect, hearing is the most sensitive sense of the baby. The baby cannot see clearly yet during this stage, but he can recognize movements of light.

  One to two years old  this is the stage where a child begins to interact with his parents or family members. The child may also have learned talking and walking. Emotions are already given emphasis during this stage. Learning becomes an important thing for the child during this stage.

  Two to three years old  As children pass this stage, they learn how to manipulate their physical bodies. They search for the best way on how they can perfect their motor skills. Catching a ball and using utensils for eating are one of the activities they may use to practice their motor skills. It is important during this stage for parents to set limits and give control to the activities of the children. This is one way on the part of the children to learn what is to be done that is good for them and those what are not.


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